Must-watch Netflix shows to help unwind Shows that are the literal equivalent to the calm app TV shows that are the opposite to my daily panic attack

By Bailey Ness

Let’s be real, having a “great” day in 2020 seems almost impossible. At the end of each day you need something to take the edge off, and no, I don’t just mean a big glass of wine. Here are some “super-soft” and easy-to-watch TV shows to help soothe the stressors of 2020.

The Great British Baking Show

Dessert is always a yes. A show filled with amazing desserts is also always a yes! On this show, bakers attempt three challenges each week trying to impress the judges enough to go through to the next round and eventually are crowned Britain's best amateur baker. This “super-soft” series serves up the most delicious looking sweets, while also soothing your mind from the day.

"That's a nice bake."

The Office

This one might seem counterintuitive since you are trying to find Netflix shows to watch after a long day at work but hear me out! The Office will make you LOL. There are nine seasons for you to binge on whenever the mood strikes and some of my best quotes come from The Office. It’s funny, absurd, and relatable in an odd way. There’s some characters here that will look familiar in your office; seeing these characters in a comedic way is therapeutic after a frustrating day.

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” – Michael Scott

Master of None

If you haven’t jumped on board this Netflix original you are seriously missing out. It’s a show about the oddities of our daily lives. It’s comical in an odd way that is not so in your face as other comedies on Netflix right now. The format of the show is unique and fast-paced. You won’t go even a couple minutes without laughing while watching Dev, played by Aziz Ansari, navigate his 20s in NYC. There are two seasons out on Netflix now, so plenty of episodes to binge. And more episodes= more time to drink wine!

“I feel like there should be an app that analyzes your tum and tells you what you want to eat."

Schitt’s Creek

TBH I have no one but myself to blame for coming so late to Schitt’s Creek. It’s about a family of rich idiots who lose everything and have to move to a crappy small town. The cast is made up of seasoned vets and fresh faces, all who play their roles flawlessly. Now, sit back with your fav cocktail and sip your worries away as this flamboyant family figures out their new normal.

"Ew, David"

New Girl

I am one of the biggest hype girls for this show. New Girl is the ultimate mood booster! The show focuses on Jess, a socially awkward but enduring teacher who moves in with three bachelors who think they understand love and life but are equally lost. A 10 out of 10 show for those days when you need a good laugh and a reminder to not take life so seriously!

"I’d Give You A Hug, But My Shirt Smells Pretty Weird Today." - Nick

The next time work or life has got you a bit down, try out some of these shows! No one has it all figured out and we all deserve time to relax in our PJs and reset for the rest of the week!

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