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“Super warm, wind

resistant, and oh so chic!”

– Rebecca L.

October 04, 2023

Guide to Après Style

Catch turns, turn heads.

Let’s be real: a celebratory cocktail is well earned no matter how many runs you get in, so why not dress for the occasion?

Before Halfdays, we were not impressed with the way ski wear was made for women. Fashion-forward pieces were too pricey and not technical enough, and the performance-driven pieces were ill-fitting, blandly colored, and just all-around…not the vibe. 

While functional and fashionable ski wear takes priority, the fashion around the culture and lifestyle of skiing fascinates us. Picture a snowy lodge, a DJ playing your favorites, and meeting the gang for a few rounds of drinks after catching runs all morning. We essentially built a brand with the intent to create pieces that could take you from skiing to après with ease, so you don’t have to do a full wardrobe change while you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors but avoid the inevitable helmet hair.

It might sound like a challenge, but a picture perfect après moment is more attainable than you think – especially with a few pointers from your on-mountain guide, Halfdays.

How to easily and effectively transform your snow outfit to après-chic: 

Après can take many definitions, but when we break it down to a formula, it’s the same experience of hitting the bar after work with your friends. The mission? Look good and have fun. The circumstances post-skiing? Helmet hair, goggle lines, and a tad bit sweaty from hitting your runs. 

The secret sauce is selecting the right basics and functional accessories to transform your active ski outfit into a snow-themed look. We kept this in mind when designing our own ski wear, so you don’t have to shed a thousand layers or switch out core pieces of your outfit just to grab some spiked hot chocolates and people-watch the slopes.

We’ll break down the our best advice by clothing category, so you are best prepared for your next après endeavor. Just remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and buy a completely new wardrobe for your ski trips. With a few versatile pieces, layering knowledge, and an accessory-saavy mindset, you’ll be ready to run that chalet bar like a pro.

Base Layers

If you’re a Halfdayer, you know your base layers are the key starting point for any cold weather outfit. A solid base layer provides insulated warmth and protection against wind exposure. 

Better yet, base layers serve as the foundation for your après outfit, so you can seamlessly switch out or remove other layers. Our Seamless Base Layers are compressive and cinching, like a favorite active wear set, but designed with mountain performance in mind. If you run cold or want something a little more soft and easy for lounging, our Merino Wool Base Layers are naturally insulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant, so you can ski the backcountry and relax at base camp without changing a thing.

Dynamic Outerwear

First things first - shed the bulky outer layers and pop on a jacket. Our Georgie Puffer is a great on and off the mountain coat: the hood and powder skirt are removable, making a street-style transformation instantaneous. We know enjoying an outdoor après by the fire is a whole mood- Georgie provides plenty of insulation and waterproofing to keep you cozy. 

Halfdays has you covered across the après spectrum. Waiting outside for a table in a borderline blizzard? Whip out the Tabei Parka. Just trying to block the breeze on a sunny spring afternoon? Go more lightweight with our Nellie Packable Puffer.

If you're headed to the lodge or the iconic ski bar at the base of the hill, you might want to switch from a jacket to your favorite crew neck or sweater. For a sporty-cozy look, pop the Halfdays Ski Club Crewneck or Pieper Fleece over your Seamless or Merino Wool Base Layers

Off-Mountain Boots

Of course, don’t skip the most satisfying swap of all: boots for boots. Your post-ski boot choice should be ready to handle the snow without compromising your show-stopping fit… 

We all know that UGG Boots are the footwear of choice for celebs taking Instagram pics in Aspen, but we think they’re the perfect combo of trendy and functional for your après outfit. With multiple heights, fabrics, and textures to choose from - they fit every occasion. 

Take a look at the Ashton Chelsea in Suede or Classic maxi toggle for a dressier feel. If you’re trying to add some sass or sparkle, you won’t be disappointed by the Adiroam Ankle Metallic or Tasman LTA. We don’t need to suggest Taffy pink to go with our Alpenglow line… It’s a no brainer. 

If you’ve already found your perfect post-skiing boots (and they happen to be canvas or suede) here’s a Halfdays hack: do yourself a favor and buy some Pink Miracle Spray… a little extra waterproofing never hurts!


Last but not least: The simplest, most effective way to take your snow outfit straight to après is by ACCESSORIZING. And if you have a few staples ready to go in your boot bag, your base layers won’t know what hit them. 


Start from the top - Pop on a rib beanie and a fun scarf with pops of pattern or color. When it comes to the helmet hair dilemma, sometimes a beanie just won’t cut it- good news, knit hoods are IN. 

If you’re an up-do gal but still need a quick and stylish solution, headbands are the answer! Skida has every color and pattern you can imagine to keep your ears warm without squishing that sassy high pony or cute messy bun you’ve got up there. 

Bucket hats are a favorite across the Halfdays team for après hour. We love mixing it up with materials, and seeing bucket hats in winter-saavy fabrics like crochet, fleece, and puffer.


Say goodbye to bad hair days or cold ears. Beanies provide a bright pop of color to any winter fit that also keeps you cozy and your hair in check. Shop our luxuriously double-layered merino wool beanie for an essential head accessory.


We would like to personally thank the Balaclava for transforming mess to impress. Fleece lined and performance-ready balaclavas from Backcountry are our jam for skiing or snowboarding in icier conditions, while après-ready ones help hide the helmet hair and keep your whole look bundled yet chic.

On bluebird days, sunnies are a must, and a functional fashion opportunity. Shop OakleySmith, or Sunski for high quality glasses that could even double as a spring ski day goggle replacement. 

For some more eye-catching shapes and patterns, check out Krewe or Crap Eyewear- we love Krewe’s foldable Rampart frames, which you can easily stash in your jacket pocket, and Crap Eyewear’s Supa Phreek style, a retro shape that’s available in lots of fun colors. 


Once you’re zipped up, there’s only one thing left to cover. Let’s talk gloves: you may have seen some Hestra handwear clutching ski poles or shoveling sidewalks, but if you dig a little deeper into their product line, you’re in for a treat. Start elevating your look with their wool-lined, hairsheep leather covered gloves.

Our Favorite Looks: 

As always, our greatest style inspiration comes from YOU. This season, we’ve loved seeing Halfdayers styling ourIsabel Soft Shell Bibfor Après and day-to-day snow activities. The luxe fleece-lined interior of the Isabel Bib is what dreams are made of, and paired with cozy monochromatic layers, they’re definitely the chicest bibs in town.​

With these styling tips and hard-working accessories you can add to your boot bag, you’re ready to go! Leave your skis on the rack and hit happy hour. You know you’ll look good… that finally-bootless feeling just got better.

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